Over the past few months we have introduced a new screening test. The test is a salivary test for Oral HPV. There may be some questions you have and even some reservations. Perhaps you want to know “ why is my dentist collecting this information?” or maybe you’re thinking “ this is none of your business if i have HPV”. We are here to help answer those questions you have and ease any of your concerns. Since this is a new screening protocol we have decided to put together some information, see below. We have all heard about HPV … Read More

Is Fluoride Important?

June 9, 2018

When discussing fluoride there tends to be some controversy over the subject, that is why we want to talk about this month.  Numerous studies show that when used as directed or when added to community water in the correct amounts, fluoride significantly reduces the incidence of cavities. A common misconception regarding  fluoride (which is perpetuated by insurance companies) is that only our child patients will benefit from fluoride use. Everyone has their own risk factors when it comes to getting cavities regardless of age. Our hygiene team is trained to spot and evaluate your personal risk for acquiring cavities. These … Read More

Springtime is in the air! We love spring here at Dental Care of Vashon all the flowers in bloom, birds chirping and the sun has made an appearance. When thinking of spring many think of new beginnings. The newest beginning we can think of here is pregnancy! We want to talk to our patients and inform them, on all there is to know about being a pregnant dental patient. There are a few misconceptions out there to clear up and we’ll discuss how and why good home care is especially important during pregnancy. One of the biggest misconceptions involved with … Read More

The start of the new year here at Dental Care of Vashon has been very exciting. We have a new staff member that we would like to introduce! When you come into the office the face you will be greeted by is Molly! Molly is originally from Orting Valley, she moved to Vashon in 2010. Since Molly has moved to the island she has enjoyed spending time outside and has hopes of starting a garden in the future. She has a furry feline that is truly the “light of her life”. His name is Bullet and seems to like the … Read More

  April is Oral Cancer Awareness month, so it only seems right that we talk about  the risks that tobacco users face of developing oral cancer. Risks come from not only cigarettes but chewing tobacco as well. Using these products highly increases an individual’s chance of developing oral or throat cancer. Studies have shown that smokers are 3 times more likely to develop mouth cancer and 7 times more likely to develop throat cancer than non-smokers. Each year, The Oral Cancer Foundation approximates 48,250 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed and that 9,575 people die each year due to … Read More

In recent years “vaping” or “E-Cigarettes” have become a trend. 6 million people in the U.S. have tried or used this form of smoking. Everywhere you look you can find shops to buy this product, you can even find it in our local gas station. Many people tend use “Vaping” or “E-cigarettes” to quit or decrease use of traditional cigarettes. They have been popular with teenagers and college age kids. Some of the traits that make them so desirable to this age group are the many flavors to choose from. The flavors are nice and the ability to smoke and … Read More

  In honor of Children’s Dental Health month, we’ve chosen to highlight the childhood disease of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) or baby bottle decay.  ECC is an infectious disease that can affect any child and can begin as early as the eruption of your child’s first tooth (around 6 months old). The disease process is initiated with bacteria. As foods enter the oral cavity bacteria break down carbohydrates and sugars and secrete acid on the teeth. The acid drains teeth of the minerals that keep them solid, and if left to progress will cause tooth decay. ECC is the most … Read More

Wisdom Teeth FAQ

February 1, 2018

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the final set of molars that can begin to erupt around age 17.  Some people have wisdom teeth that don’t ever erupt and some are fortuitous enough to only have one or two wisdom teeth, not all four. Continue reading to learn the answers to the Top 5 questions we receive regarding wisdom teeth. 1.) When should I get my wisdom teeth removed? Third molars commonly erupt between ages 17 and 21. This is usually an optimal time to have your wisdom teeth extracted, whether they are erupting or not. Removing them at this … Read More

Happy Holidays

December 19, 2017

It’s that time of year here on Vashon Island, when the lights and garland drape over shop windows and the smell of fresh cut christmas trees fill the air. Wreaths adorn every door and a special kind of cheer can be felt downtown. We at Dental Care of Vashon really enjoy the holidays and are especially thankful for the time we can spend with our families. Kayla has lived on the island her whole life and it has always been a tradition to go to Augie’s and cut down a christmas tree to decorate at home. Kayla’s family is here … Read More

Lasers have been in the dental field for some time now, but over the last couple of years have really become a popular topic. More dental offices are starting to see the real benefits lasers can provide to their patients and instead of a cool tech fad, they are slowly becoming the standard of care. Patients are usually not familiar with what services lasers can provide, and it is our job to inform you. Lasers can be utilized by both dentists and dental hygienists to bring the finest care to our patients. Below we’ve outlined a few of the main … Read More