Lasers have been in the dental field for some time now, but over the last couple of years have really become a popular topic. More dental offices are starting to see the real benefits lasers can provide to their patients and instead of a cool tech fad, they are slowly becoming the standard of care. Patients are usually not familiar with what services lasers can provide, and it is our job to inform you. Lasers can be utilized by both dentists and dental hygienists to bring the finest care to our patients. Below we’ve outlined a few of the main … Read More

Why do I have Sensitive Teeth?

November 28, 2017

  Ever wonder why your teeth are sensitive when you drink an iced beverage? Tooth sensitivity affects millions of adults in the United States. The most commonly known cause of sensitivity is called dentinal hypersensitivity. The crown of a tooth is capped in enamel and the root is covered in cementum. Beneath both the enamel and the cementum is the dentin. If the enamel or cementum has been depleted or eroded, the dentin becomes exposed. It is the dentin that transmits the pain signal to the nerve of the tooth. Gum recession can often expose the root surface of teeth … Read More

Now that fall has arrived and schedules are becoming more routine,this could be a great time to come see us and get dental work done before the new year arrives and benefits reset. Dental benefits are designed to provide you with assistance in paying for your dental care and maintaining a healthy smile.  If you have dental benefits, you want to make sure you are best utilizing your plan for your individual oral health needs. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your dental benefits; reducing out of pocket dental expenses. Use your dental benefits or lose them … Read More